Nebbiolo (Barolo) tasting this Saturday with John Bee

We are doing a special tasting of Nebbiolo Wines this Saturday, May 14th. including 3 Barolo's. This tasting will be by pre-paid reservations only with walk ins only if available. This tasting will be $20 in advance and $25 at the door IF available.
John Bee from John Bee imports will be on hand to talk about these exceptional wines.
The definitive encyclopedia of wines grapes compiled by Jancsis Robinson, Julia Harding and JoseVouillamoz writes the following heading for the “Nebbiolo” grape entry: “Piemonte’s, arguably Italy’s, most revered wine grape; very old variety capable of producing perfumed, expressive, ageworthy wines of great beauty.”
The first written mention of “nebbiolo” was in 1266, and while there are small plantings of the grape outside of the Piedmont, the Piedmont is the only place in Italy or elsewhere on the planet where the grapes produce wines of the character that give “nebbiolo” its importance and regal reputation. In fact, the finest nebbiolo wines—barolo and barbaresco, are produced in an area roughly ten-by-twenty miles square. As you see, then, these wines are all about place—terroir. The bottles chosen for this tasting feature five 100% nebbiolo grape wines from the neighboring, but distinct areas of  LaMorra, and Monforte in the Barolo DOCG, Carema on the north Piedmont border and, from Roero, the nebbiolo based rosato. 

Stop by and give them a try - You won‘t be disappointed

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Saturday - we will taste the following wines

 Pace Rosanebbia - $19.99
Because this wine comes from the same nebbiolo grape as the big red wines of the Piedmont, it differs from other, sweeter styles of rose.    It is well-structured, withunderstated tannins supporting a pleasant, light fruit palate and finish. You can enjoy this wine as an aperitif, or as an accompaniment to lighter summer fare.
Produttori Nebbiolo di Carema
Carema Riserva 2011 - $26.99
Carema is a small town north of Torino on the border between the Piedmont and Val d’Aosta, where the vineyards are terraced on mountainsides and grow on pergolas supported by stone columns.  The soil is thin, resting on a base of rocky slate and moraine schist.  The exposure is southeast and the cooler mountain climate produces later ripening grapes resulting in wines of a somewhat lighter character than their southerly cousins.   This distinctive expression of the nebbiolo grape  earned the top award, “Tre Bicchieri”, in Italy’s most important guide to Italian wine, for three consecutive years.
  Reverdito Barolo Badarina - $36.99
 Michele Reverdito grows his grapes in LaMorra, in the Barolo DOCG region and produces a lovely, complex wine.  Barolos are typically brick red, rather than the ruby of barberas, and require airing to soften the tannins.  Ideally, barolos should be decanted or opened several hours before drinking. Or, you can pour, swirl, and taste over a period of time to appreciate how the wine develops in the glass.
Giacomo Fenocchio Barolo - 2011 - $36.99
Fenocchio produces barolos in the traditional style, and this cuvee blends nebbiolo grapes from different vineyards and ages the wine in large oak barrels to produce a well rounded expression of the Monforte soils, yielding a robust barolo with ripe fruit, good tannins and a long finish.  This wine is young, but approachable now.
Viberti Barolo - Serra dei Turchi 2008 - $49.99
Osvaldo Viberti sources grapes from one of the prime vineyards in LaMorra to vint this cru barolo in a traditional style, with minimum intervention and aging in large oak “Botte Grande.”   There are notes of cocoa, tobacco and liquorice accompanying a layer of dark fruit on the nose, palate and finish, and tannins are consistent with this expression of a big, complexbarolo to accompany big, rich and complex flavors. 
 wines subject to change due to availability

Grazie - Matteo  

Date: Saturday, May 7th
Price: $20.00 per person in advance
$25 per person at the door IF available

call 216-231-9463
or 440-292-6985

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