June 26th Matchbook tasting with Christina Lakatos

This Saturday we will do a
tasting of 6 wines
from the Matchbook estates
featuring Christina Lakatos
from Wine Trends

As a farm kid growing up in the 50s and 60s,
John Giguiere was a confirmed pyromaniac
starting various things on fire such as his father´s wheat field. At one point, fearing total ruin from his kids burning him out of the house and farm, his father took them to the city jail for an hour stay to impress upon his brother and him the futility of their fascination with fire. John and his brother answered at a later date by graduating from random fires to the launching of rockets which often blew up at some stage of the its journey resulting in more random fires and a call to the local fire department for help. They eventually grew out of this fascination with the “Matchbook” but still have fond memories of the power they possessed.
Matchbook wines focus on varietals that perform
well in the warm Dunnigan Hills climate,
just east of Napa County in Yolo County.

Saturday - we will taste:

Matchbook Chard - 14.99

Matchbook Mossback
Pinot Noir - 16.99

Matchbook Tempranillo - 16.99

Matchbook Syrah - 14.99

Matchbook Tinto Rey blend - 18.99

Matchbook Cabernet - 14.99


Karaoke after 8:30
IF you have the kahunas

Grazie - Matteo  

Date: Saturday June 28th
Karaoke after 8:30
Price: $7.00 per person
Time: 5:00 PM to 9:00PM