Gifts and Jewelry

Little Italy Wines has a great selection of gifts. So if your significant other is not into wines or great brews, not only do we have great sympathy for him/her, but we also have plenty for them to peruse over so as not to get bored while you are seeking out that perfect bottle or caseJ

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Wine Related Gifts

Little Italy wines carries an extensive array of wine related gifts and accessories. We have many different styles of corkscrews, Champagne stoppers, vacuum preservers, decorative wine bottle stoppers, many styles of wine glasses as well as wine racks for the wall, tabletop  and floor.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Italian Themed

We also have Italian themed wall plaques and wall art including some great replica canvas and poster art as well as nostalgic tin signs that make great gifts.

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Murano Glass

We carry an array of Murano glass decorative pieces as well.





Handmade Jewelry

We carry handmade Jewelry made by a local artist from imported Murano glass from Italy. Most of these are Italian themed but many are stylish necklaces and bracelets without any spaghetti sauce attached.




And don't forget the great selection of nostalgic history books. Books about Little Italy, University Circle, Lake View Cemetery and many more. We are an exclusive for "The Boss Always Sits in the Back". We also have a GREATcookbook with a recipe in it from Matteo Silvaggio - the owner. This cookbook is dedicated to cancer survivors and this particular recipe was dedicated to a dear friends mother who lost her battle with cancer last year. See page 57 of the cookbook.

We have softbound copies of the declaration of Independence AND the Constitution so you can check out how your rights are being constantly eroded by the government. $5.00 and I pay the tax for you.....


Looking for something we don’t have? Ask us to find it for you. If we can’t direct you to one of the great shops in Little Italy, we will do our best to find whatever you might be looking for.
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